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Knowledge Management

Salesforce Knowledge is an information base where clients can without much of a stretch make and oversee content, known as articles, and rapidly find and show the articles they require. In the wake of designing Salesforce Knowledge in your organization, clients can write, alter, publish, and document articles utilizing the Articles administration tab or find and view articles utilizing the Articles tab. Customers and partners can get access to the articles if Salesforce Knowledge is empowered in the Customer Portal or partner portal. You can likewise make an open information base for guests to the site from where they can read the articles. Salesforce Knowledge lets you effectively manage your knowledge base and your users by offerring the following features and functions :
Categorizing Articles
Salesforce Knowledge uses data categories to classify articles and make them easier to find through data ranking. This characterization empowers clients to discover articles and enables administration to control the visibility area. After information categories have been built up, managers of the article may influence the applicable classifications to compose articles. When end users are searching for articles distributed in an interior channel - App, clients, partners , or Base-public learning they can utilize classifications to help find data. In the event that your association utilizes a hierarchy of roles, access to information classifications is determined by the user role.
Supporting Multiple Languages
Salesforce Knowledge has multiple language features that can be used to reduce support cost by translating articles into the languages your audience prefers. Two translation methods are available, after an administration chooses your language settings.
1. Translating articles in-house using the editing tool in the knowledge base or,
2. Sending articles to a localization vendor.
Using Articles to Solve Cases
Salesforce Knowledge and the case combine to provide a support tool for the powerful customers. To search the direct knowledge base of a case and attaching articles relating to the case for handy reference , add the Articles related list to case page layouts. When closing a case , support agents can easily create a new article to capture important information and help solve future cases faster.
Searching for Articles
There is a quick and easy way to find articles in salesforce knowledge. In articles tab, enter your search term to start a full-text search for the knowledge base. You can also refine your search by selecting specific articles and categories. When the beta version of spell research correction is enabled, the system searches and retrieves the spelling variants English search terms . You can filter search results by language , validation status, and category and sort the display of the list based on several criteria such as the highest rating or over looked. In Article Management tab you can search for a specific article in the display of the selected list . The article search feature helps you to search for articles on the Home tab.
Rating Articles
Internal app, Customer Portal, and partner portal clients can rate articles on a size of 1 to 5 stars and see the normal rating for an article. Normal evaluations are not static. Every 15 days, if an article has not gotten another vote, its normal rating moves up or down as per a half-life estimation. This change guarantees that after some time, older or out of date things do not maintain artificially high or low grades compared to new items, most commonly used. Articles without recent votes drift towards a normal rating of 3 stars. The Articles tab likewise enables clients to look at the appraisals of various things and sort the display of the list in accordance with the highest items or lower rated.