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Manage Your Community with Community Workspaces

Community Workspace is a tool that helps you to build, set and monitor your community. To manage your community's setup and branding, you can use or access Community Builder and Administration workspaces. In Community, managers can view dashboard about groups, members, feed activity, and license usage, and manage the community's reputation system. Member can view which items have been flagged for review.

Enable Community Workspaces

1. Click Setup in top right corner.
2. Type direct 'Communities Settings' in the quick find/search bar.
3. Under Community Management Settings, select Enable Community Workspaces.
Note: Community Workspaces is enabled by default for all communities created after Spring ‘17.

Community Workspaces includes the following workspaces:


You can brand and design your community pages on community builder. For Example- you can create and customize pages, alter or add lightning components, customize the community's navigation menu and manage page-level settings.


From the Home tab in Moderation, you can see many things such as your community's home page dashboard and reports for flagged posts, comments, messages and files. Administrators can set up some settings for moderation such as moderation rules and content criteria for the community by the Reules Tab..

Content Targeting

Content Targeting workspace provides facility to manage topics and recommendation of community. you can show popular topics in your community by the Topic tab.


View dashboards and reports for your community. The administrator sets up dashboards that display in the Reporting tabs. Monitor activity and take immediate action in your community from the Engagement tab using Insights.
Reporting Tab helps to display dashboards on your community. Administrator can set up dashboards that display in the reporting tab to monitor activity.

CMS Connect (Beta)

You can connect your Content Management System (CMS) to your community. you can change headers, footers, banners, Css, javaScript and other content from Adobe Experience Manager dynamically on your community pages.


Administration workspace provides basic functionality to update basic setup for the community, including:
Members — You can add or remove members by profiles.
Tabs—Select the tabs you want members to see in communities built using the Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template.
Branding—You can select an out-of-box branding theme for communities built using the Salesforce Tabs + Visualforce template.
Login & Registration—you can select the default community login and self-registration pages, or manage custom pages.
Emails— You can customize sender information, branding, and templates in your community emails.
Pages— You can easily Configure page assignments for your community and access the and settings for your community pages.
Preferences—you can use Preferences to enable other features such as content flagging, nickname display, direct messages, public access to Chatter, and file limits.
Settings— By settings, you can edit your community name, description, URL and also manage the status of your community and update your community template.
Reputation— you can set up reputation levels and points to reward members for activity in the community feed.