Communities Limits in Salesforce

Limits for communities,including users, portal roles, moderation, reporting, and more.
1. Maximum Number of Communities Limit

You can Create up to 100 communities in your Salesforce org. Active, inactive, and preview communities, including sites are also counted in this limit.

2. Usage Limits of Community

You can analyse communities usage by daily, monthly and yearly limits. For the success of your communities, you need to understand these limits. Salesforce provides tools to help you monitor communities usage so that you can avoid exceeding these limits, or purchasing overages when needed.

3. User Limits of Community

User limits depend on the type of community they use. There are two types of Community License Type:

4. License Limits of Community

It defines limits related to communities licenses.

5. Portal Roles Limit of Community

It defines limits for portal roles in your organization.

6. Groups Email Limit in Community

It defines email limits for groups in communities.

7. Person Account Communities User Limits

Limits for the number of person account external users that a single user can own.

8. Report and Dashboard Limitations in Community

External users can access reports and dashboards with some limitation in community, if reports and dashboards tabs are exposed their.

9. Navigational Topics Limits in Community

The following is the maximum number of navigational topics and subtopics you can have in a Customer Service (Napili) community template.
Level One (parent) and Maximum Number of Entries - 25.
Level Two (subtopic) and Maximum Number of Entries- 10.
Level Three (subtopic) and Maximum Number of Entries- 10.

10. Moderation Limits in Community

Community moderation limits ensure that your community performs optimally.
  Criteria Limits
You can have up to 30 keyword list criteria and 100 member criteria in your org. This limit is per org, not per community.
  Rule Limits
You can have up to 30 rules in your org. This limit is per org, not per community. This limit includes both content rules and rate rules.
  Audit Limits
Changes to a feed item’s status are not included in the Audit Trail Insights-report.

11. Additional Limits of Community

Miscellaneous functionality limits when using communities.
* Drag-and-drop scheduling using events and calendars is not available in communities.
* Quotes aren’t supported in Lightning communities.