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Plan Your Community Design Strategy in Salesforce

In Salesforce,If you want to use custom pages in your community instead of Salesforce default design then there are two options to customize your community:
1. You can use Community Builder with Templates.
2. You can use Visualforce and Sites.

You can easily customize the listed areas in your community :-

1.Adding the Global Search Box to your Customized Community HTML Header.
2. Configuring a Custom Domain for Your Community.
3. Renaming the Chatter Tab.

Choosing between Community Builder and Sites.
1. Use Community Builder with Templates.
Using Community Builder and Community templates, you can create, design and publish your community that looks good on any mobile device. Search and choose a template to quick start your community and then style your pages to match your company's branding.
2. Use Community Builder ( Without Templates.
3. Use Visualforce and Sites.
Each community has one associated site that lets you make advanced customizations to your community.