Preparing Campaigns

Defining Campaign Goals

Campaigns usually have one of the following primary goals:
• Lead generation
Lead generation is one of the important goal of the campaign which includes direct mail, email blasts, web seminars, conferences, and trade shows. In these types of campaign ,new prospects are directly generated.In Salesforce, we can track the effectiveness of each campaign easily, in terms of the amount of new business generated. 
• Brand building
Brand-building campaigns is another important goal of campaign which includes billboards, advertisements : Print & radio. Calculation of campaign ROI may not be as straightforward as Direct responses may not be generated by these types of campaigns. If you want to analyse marketing budget by campaign goal, you add a custom campaign pick list called Campaign Goal to track the primary goal of every campaign. This picklist should include values such as Brand building, Lead generation, and any other campaign goals of your organization.

Determining How to Target Campaigns

In general, there are two main groups you can market to:
• Existing customers
You can target your Salesforce contacts for direct mail,email blasts, or other types of campaigns.
• Prospects, including:
Existing leads Existing leads are those individuals that have already been entered as leads in Salesforce. You can use Salesforce lead reports and list views to create target lists of existing leads for a campaign.
- New leads New leads can include anything from names on business cards that you acquired at a conference or a list of purchased or rented names that your organization has. You can add leads individually to Salesforce or use the Campaign Lead Import Wizard to import a list of names as leads and directly associate them with a particular campaign.

When marketing with existing contacts or leads, Salesforce reports can be used to create the target lists Determine the criteria typically use to segment your target lists. Common criteria include:
• Geography
• Title
• Industry
• Company size
• Installed products/services
• Previous campaign and response history
If the lead or contact pages don't currently include the type of information you need to create targeted lists, you can create custom lead or contact fields to record this information. You should also be familiar with how to create lead or contact reports that segment names according to your criteria.